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For at least 2600 years, people have been describing individual differences in temperament, character or personality. Many systems have been created to help people navigate through the challenges of relating to each other harmoniously and effectively. PsychTech builds on this 2600 year understanding of individual differences and creates learning solutions using contemporary tools.

In addition to building on a contemporary model of a 2400 year old descriptive system, PsychTech incorporates the latest research in the field of Positive Psychology. Using the PP approach of Building on Strengths (or moving from what is wrong to what is strong) PsychTech's coaching, training and consulting solutions focus on building engagement and wellbeing in both the workplace and personal life by Managing Your Strengths, Managing the Strengths of Others and Managing Behavioral Expectations.

PsychTech has Building Strengths learning solutions for interpersonal communications, management and supervisory skill development, conflict resolution, recruiting and hiring, performance management, team building customer excellence and many more applications. Perhaps you are interested in exploring your own strengths and how to best maximize your performance. Or, perhaps you are looking for a way to improve you team or organization's effectiveness. Please enter and explore the site to learn more about our unique approach to building strengths.

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Assessment-based discover and dialogue learning is the most appropriate approach for both adult learning and the needs of knowledge.
Narrated PowerPoint presentations on the DISC Model and specific applications of the model.
Articles about the DISC Model and Learning and Development practices.